KPX Round 3 Briggs Winners


We just have to say thank you so much to Briggs & Stratton Racing for putting up ten free entries per race and giving $500 back to five lucky racers per race. This gives individual racers the chance to win something without even winning. Show up and have the chance to win entries or money, can’t beat it!

KPX Reno Briggs Pill Pull Winners:

JR. 1 206:
-Ethan Pulido
-Trenten Helie
-Austin Perez
-Isaiah Nobles
-Jack Schrady

JR. 2 206:
-Deeahmee Malone
-Lyrad Casillas
-Matt Winfrey
-Gino Sandoval
-Issac Borque

KPX Reno $100 Winners:

Masters 206:
-Harrell Fischer
-Jack Arluck
-Mike Smith
-Brian Rivera
-Brian Gallagher

All Pill Pull Junior winners will be able to use their free entries at one of the next three KPX races. Please inform the track at registration that you are a Pill Pull winner and they will have a list with the names. Harrell Fischer and Jack Arluck we have your $100 since you left early. Thank you to all that attended and made this possible especially Briggs & Stratton.

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