2019 KPX Class Updates & Information

December 03, 2018

We hope you all are enjoying the off season. We want to prepare our racers throughout the region as much as possible, many aspects of our sport are slightly changing.

As you all know KPX was one of the first to support and build 206 racing in the Western United States. We are going to continue our unwavering support of the 206 motor package with or without Briggs & Strattons Racings support as we feel these classes play a huge factor into the growth and strength of Karting. Many are aware of the fact that Briggs & Stratton Racing has implemented a new 2019 rulebook with some slight changes.  After much deliberation KPX and the surrounding region will be following the new 2019 rules as they are written. We understand this may frustrate some. This will help continue the opportunity for racers to run all surrounding regions without rule discrepency.

KPX 206 Classes:

-Junior 1 206

-Junior 2 206

-Senior 206

-Masters 206


In 2018 we added the popular KA100 to our series and the IKF Grand Nationals race. This motor package has tremendous growth and gave racers an opportunity to run a 2-cycle package within our series. We will continue to build on these classes as they continue to gain popularity in the Karting world.

KPX KA100 Classes:

-Junior KA100

-Senior KA100

-Masters KA100

-SuperMasters KA100


KPX will be working with our region and surrounding regions on details pertaining to each class. Most class weights, age, and details will be staying the same.

It has been proven that the class platforms KPX has utilized including the 206 and the KA100 have been very successful. We are working with this and other regions to become united as one. The new IKF regions is just one step in this unified direction.

This is a very exciting time for the sport of Karting!

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