Round 1 Pre-Race Report 2019 KPX Karting Championship

Kelsey Nelson – March 8th, 2019

Race season is upon us, and the first race in coming up fast! KPX heads north to start the 2019 race season at Shasta Kart Club in Redding, CA. Mother Nature has provided a lot of precipitation this year, which provides a beautiful green backdrop and infield for the track, but it also means the weather could not be ideal for racing. The last couple years the Redding race has threatened rain and during practice there were intermittent light showers, but ultimately the race was dry. This year could be more of the same. The weather definitely has a mind of its own and it could be a beautiful day! Be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best.


The first KPX race of 2019 also brings some new rules and new classes. KPX is following the Briggs & Stratton rule changes for the 2019 Race season. The top line updates are a reduction in piston pop-up from .005” to .0035”, a change to the combustion chamber depth measurements, and overall cylinder head thickness. If you have not looked at the rules yet, you can find them here for the 206 class:

KPX is also promoting more in the KA100 class. This year Masters KA100 and SuperMasters KA100 will be included in the line-up. Masters in both classes will be 30-40 years old or 200+ lb drivers. Supermasters will be in the 40+ age bracket, and should have some great competition.

Many drivers are moving up, changing over to the 2-cycle class, or both! There should be a lot of fun competition in all the classes. We can’t predict what will happen this year, but there are some drivers to watch for. Matthew Fecko and Bryce Dickman were awarded most improved Junior and Senior driver of the year and will definitely be a couple of drivers to watch this year. They will hopefully keep up their momentum from last year and be on the podium for 2019.


The Junior 1 206 class from 2018 is going to see some changes. New drivers are coming in and older drivers are moving up. At least three of the top five are moving up to Jr-2 this year which will make for some great racing in Jr-2 and leave Jr-1 wide open for the 2019 championship!

Junior 2 will has a couple drivers from the top 5 either moving up or moving to the 2-cycle class. There might be some double duty racers to watch out for in 2019.

The big class from 2018 was the Senior 206 class. The top driver for the championship in 2018 are all going to be heavy hitters for 2019. Several will be doing double duty, or may switch to the KA100 class. 2018 had some great racing in this class and it should be more of the same in 2019. Over the course of 2018 there were 58 drivers that participated in this class. With that kind of numbers there is bound to be competition for the championship until the very last race.

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