Round 1 Pre-Race Report 2019 KPX Karting Championship

Kelsey Nelson – March 8th, 2019

Race season is upon us, and the first race in coming up fast! KPX heads north to start the 2019 race season at Shasta Kart Club in Redding, CA. Mother Nature has provided a lot of precipitation this year, which provides a beautiful green backdrop and infield for the track, but it also means the weather could not be ideal for racing. The last couple years the Redding race has threatened rain and during practice there were intermittent light showers, but ultimately the race was dry. This year could be more of the same. The weather definitely has a mind of its own and it could be a beautiful day! Be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best.


The first KPX race of 2019 also brings some new rules and new classes. KPX is following the Briggs & Stratton rule changes for the 2019 Race season. The top line updates are a reduction in piston pop-up from .005” to .0035”, a change to the combustion chamber depth measurements, and overall cylinder head thickness. If you have not looked at the rules yet, you can find them here for the 206 class:

KPX is also promoting more in the KA100 class. This year Masters KA100 and SuperMasters KA100 will be included in the line-up. Masters in both classes will be 30-40 years old or 200+ lb drivers. Supermasters will be in the 40+ age bracket, and should have some great competition.

Many drivers are moving up, changing over to the 2-cycle class, or both! There should be a lot of fun competition in all the classes. We can’t predict what will happen this year, but there are some drivers to watch for. Matthew Fecko and Bryce Dickman were awarded most improved Junior and Senior driver of the year and will definitely be a couple of drivers to watch this year. They will hopefully keep up their momentum from last year and be on the podium for 2019.


The Junior 1 206 class from 2018 is going to see some changes. New drivers are coming in and older drivers are moving up. At least three of the top five are moving up to Jr-2 this year which will make for some great racing in Jr-2 and leave Jr-1 wide open for the 2019 championship!

Junior 2 will has a couple drivers from the top 5 either moving up or moving to the 2-cycle class. There might be some double duty racers to watch out for in 2019.

The big class from 2018 was the Senior 206 class. The top driver for the championship in 2018 are all going to be heavy hitters for 2019. Several will be doing double duty, or may switch to the KA100 class. 2018 had some great racing in this class and it should be more of the same in 2019. Over the course of 2018 there were 58 drivers that participated in this class. With that kind of numbers there is bound to be competition for the championship until the very last race.

2018 KPX Championship Banquet

Date: January 26th 2019

Time: 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Location: Theatre Deville
308 Main Street
Vacaville, CA 95688

Please come join us to celebrate the achievements of the 2018 KPX Karting Championship season.




Exciting News Regarding the 2019 KPX Karting Championship:

The schedule for the upcoming season has slightly changed. The  2019 KPX Karting Championship dates will be as listed below. We will be going Facebook live on Thursday December 20th at 7:00PM announcing all of the tracks participating for the 2019 season and more. Stay tuned!

  1. March 16th-17th
  2. April 27th-28th
  3. May 18th-19th
  4. June 22nd-23rd
  5. July 20th-21st
  6. August 24th-25th

2019 KPX Class Updates & Information

December 03, 2018

We hope you all are enjoying the off season. We want to prepare our racers throughout the region as much as possible, many aspects of our sport are slightly changing.

As you all know KPX was one of the first to support and build 206 racing in the Western United States. We are going to continue our unwavering support of the 206 motor package with or without Briggs & Strattons Racings support as we feel these classes play a huge factor into the growth and strength of Karting. Many are aware of the fact that Briggs & Stratton Racing has implemented a new 2019 rulebook with some slight changes.  After much deliberation KPX and the surrounding region will be following the new 2019 rules as they are written. We understand this may frustrate some. This will help continue the opportunity for racers to run all surrounding regions without rule discrepency.

KPX 206 Classes:

-Junior 1 206

-Junior 2 206

-Senior 206

-Masters 206


In 2018 we added the popular KA100 to our series and the IKF Grand Nationals race. This motor package has tremendous growth and gave racers an opportunity to run a 2-cycle package within our series. We will continue to build on these classes as they continue to gain popularity in the Karting world.

KPX KA100 Classes:

-Junior KA100

-Senior KA100

-Masters KA100

-SuperMasters KA100


KPX will be working with our region and surrounding regions on details pertaining to each class. Most class weights, age, and details will be staying the same.

It has been proven that the class platforms KPX has utilized including the 206 and the KA100 have been very successful. We are working with this and other regions to become united as one. The new IKF regions is just one step in this unified direction.

This is a very exciting time for the sport of Karting!

2018 IKF Grand Nationals Movie


The long anticipated 2018 IKF Grand Nationals Movie. Over 150 racers from across the Western United States all came together to make this race a huge success. This was all possible due to everyone involved including IKF, KPX, CCKRA, SKUSA, Evinco, Cambrian Go-Karts, RLV, Unleashed Power, Fastech Racing, Odenthal Racing Products, German Autowerks, T&H Refrigeration, IAME West, Briggs & Stratton Racing, the shops/teams, the workers, and so many more. We were blessed with the honor to host such a prestigious race.

Thank you to Teddie Blake for a wonderful production!

We hope you enjoy!



01 DECEMBER 2018 – The International Karting Federation (IKF) today confirmed
that beginning in 2019, the KPX Karting Championship will be officially designated as the
IKF’s Northern California region. The move comes in recognition of a tremendous
track record of KPX promoting and conducting successful karting racing events in
the area, and their unbridled passion and commitment for the sport.

“Really, if I could custom tailor the perfect regional candidate — KPX would be it,”
exclaimed IKF’s Tom Kutscher. “There are arguably no group of guys more
committed to growing karting in California than KPX. Kenny and Chris are true
ambassadors of the sport and their passion shows in everything they do.”

As part of IKF, KPX Karting Championship will not only be sanctioned and backed by
the IKF, but will also work with other IKF regions in the country to help promote
bigger and more successful collaborative events for everyone.

As part of the revitalization process of the IKF, the organization will be appointing
new regions throughout the country, beginning with Northern California. It’s the
genesis of big things to come from the longtime sanctioning body, after years of
uncertainty and turmoil.

“IKF, without proper leadership, are just three more letters on an entry form,” explained KPX’s candid Kenny Manchester. “Sure, there’s history. But it’s the future
of the organization that offers any value for today’s racer. As part of our affiliation,
we’re working hard to come up with new ways to bring more value to our local
customers. One idea being considered are super races, where other IKF regions
come to our neck of the woods, and vice versa, for a seasonal shootout.”

While details of any joint event are still being finalized, what’s confirmed today is
the mutual enthusiasm between IKF and KPX in launching their joint initiative.

“KPX took on the 2018 IKF GrandNationals on very short notice,” elaborated IKF’s
Tom Kutscher. “By anyone’s scorecard, they knocked it out of the park. What they
did …with what little time they had— it was a true success. I’m excited to see what
the future holds and to see what they can do with some real lead time.”

The International Kart Federation was the first kart racing organization in the
United States, founded and still based in California in 1957. In 1971 it was joined by
the World Karting Association, which originally focused more on the Eastern and
Central United States.

The International Kart Federation (IKF) takes pride in its long record of
achievement as a governing body for the sport of kart racing. In recognition of the
need for controls over the sport, the International Kart Federation has published
rules for competition since November 21, 1957. Throughout this time, the objectives
of the Federation have been the same: to foster strong and fair competition; to
provide reasonable rules for the various types of competition; to administer the
competition program with impartiality, and to reduce the hazards associated with
this sport.

KPX 2018 Race 1 Info

KPX Race #1 March 17th, 18th Hosted by Shasta Kart Klub!
The 2018 Racing Season Kicks Off in Redding, CA!

We’re excited to kick off the 2018 Racing Season with Shasta Kart Klub. Shasta did an amazing job hosting the 2017 Super Regional and we know this event will be top notch!
Pre-Register Online (Ends March 14th):
Pre-Registering is not require but HIGHLY encouraged to keep the race weekend running smoothly.
KPX Series Info and Rules:
-Friday Gate and Pit Move In Hours: 12pm-11pm
Registration will be open Friday
-Saturday Gate Hours: 6am-10pm
Registration: 8am-5pm
Practice: 9am-5pm
-Sunday Gate Hours: 6am-8pm
Drivers Meeting: 8am
Racing: 8:30am
Trophy Presentations: 5:15pm
Pit Spaces: Please see Cameron Imhoff or Kenny Manchester for parking. 
RV Parking: RV Parking only in designated area (long Airport fence at drag strip runoff). Trailer must be unhooked from RV if in general pit area. RV parking is free but no hook ups.
Classes, Spec Fuel, Spec Tires
Spec Fuel for Briggs Classes: Chevron 87 Octane Fuel Only From: 8510 Airport Rd, Redding, CA 96002
Spec Fuel for IAME Classes:  Fuel VP C12. Oil Motul 2T Grand Prix mixed 8oz per/gal.
For Full KPX Rules Go To:
2018 KPX Classes:

Junior l Briggs 206 (blue slide)  245lbs
Junior ll Briggs LO 206 (black slide) 310lbs
Briggs 206 Senior 360lbs
Briggs 206 Heavy 390lbs
Masters LO 206 (40+ Older) 390lbs
Jr. II KA100 320lbs
Senior KA100 360lbs
Tires: All classes to run Evinco “Blue” tires. If rain raced called only MG WT Rain Tires allowed.
Note: Senior KA100 rear tires have been changed to 7.1 rears.
Tires are available for convenience through KPX and will be delivered to the event, but must be ordered before March 12th. Tires are not required to be purchased from KPX.
Once again we have lined up some great prizes to be handed out every race. You must be at the Trophy Presentation to receive prizes. Free tires, free engine mounts, free kart stands, free entry fees, free gift certificates and more will all be raffled off or given way at each race! You do not need to be in a podium position to receive receive some prizes!
Shasta Kart Club
Club info:
6030 Old Oregon Trail
Redding, CA 96002
(Make sure your directions lead you to the entry to the Drag Strip)
Club President – Cameron Imhoff
(530) 510-3195
Club Vice President – Tim Maddox
(530) 440-8029 tim.maddox@gmail.comOnce you reach the entrance to the drag strip and up to the tack the speed limit is 10mph.
​From I-5
Take exit 673 for Knighton Rd head toward Redding Airport (east)
Turn Left Onto Airport road
Turn Right onto Rancho Road
Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Old Oregon Trail
left onto Desperado Trail
right onto Old Oregon Trail
Continue on dirt road through gates past Dragstrip
Pit Rules
-Trash must be contained within your own pit and thrown out by you.
-No tires, fuel or oil may be disposed of at the track.
-No motorized vehicles such as scooters, go peds, motorcycles or atv may be driven on our around the facility.
-Any children on bicycles, scooters, etc must wear a helmet


Evinco Tire Winners for KPX Round 3


Evinco has stepped up big this year not only with a solid product that us racers can rely on, but with the opportunity for four to five individuals to take home a set of tires per race. Thank you Evinco!

KPX Reno Tire Winners:

JR. 1 206:
-Eli Mays

JR. 2 206:
-Lyrad Casillas

Senior 206:
-Nick Grossi

Masters 206:
-Clint Motta

This is the first race we didn’t have the tires on site due to selling them out to racers in need. We will have your tires at KPX Davis. If you need them before then please contact a KPX board member.