Sierra Pacific Lithographics, Inc. partners with KPX

Sierra Pacific Lithographics, Inc. partners with KPX


KPX is proud to announce that Sierra Pacific Lithographics is supporting and partnering with us for the 2017 race season. The Milton family plays a big part throughout the whole karting community. They are always looking for ways to help where needed, whether it is on or off the track. If you need printing, marketing, or just racing advice this is the family to reach out to.

We met the Milton’s last year as Blake was working to master the 4-stroke stuff and has become one of the elite drivers in the series. Before going into the 2017 season we had many talks with Shannon Milton on ways the racers could benefit from our partnership. After finding out more information on their wide range of services it was a no brainer for us that Sierra Pacific Lithographics and KPX would make for a great partnership. In reality, we found ourselves needing their services just days later, as we had them design and print the banners for the Super Regional race up in Redding, CA. Sierra Pacific Lithographics not only is giving back to the racers but is also providing a quality product and service that is available to all of our racing family.

Please use Sierra Pacific Lithographics for all of you graphic, print, and marketing needs, as we were very pleased with the services they provided us. They were friendly and very timely with our project. Tell them KPX sent you.


Here is some information on Sierra Pacific Lithographics:

Sacramento, CA – Sierra Pacific Lithographics is proud to partner with KPX beginning March 2017. We are thrilled to partner with an organization that focuses on family fun not just in the present day but for generations of kart racing enthusiasts.

SPL started off with a one-room office and two people sourcing out jobs to local ventors with the drive and commitment to expand and grow in the Sacramento region. Today, SPL operates from a 21,000 square foot facility centrally located off Business 80 and Cal Expo. Our team has over 25 years of experience in the print industy and operates under the SPL philosophy of “You’re Kind of a Big Deal Around Here”.

As a local print and marketing company, we offer a wide range of services in-house including Large Format, Offset and Digital Printing, Direct Mail Marketing, and much more. This allows us to complete your projects on time and at a competitive rate. As an SPL customer, we value your trust in us and strive to be you printing and marketing expert for generations to com.

To learn more about Sierra Pacific Lithographics, Inc. (SPL)
Please contact Shannon Milton:
1730 Lathrop Way
Sacramento, CA 95815
Office: (916) 993-6500
Fax: (916) 993-6515

Round 1 starts off at Prairie City

Who’s Ready for the first race of the KPX Series April 9th at Prairie City???  We have a bunch of exciting news to share, starting with Briggs & Stratton. They continue to put the racer first, back with a cash awards program for 2017. A rotating pay-out to Seniors and Masters classes (same as previous years) based only on your entry, not finishing order, meaning everyone is eligible to win $100 bucks just for racing. A total of 5 $100 bills to the lucky racers that are selected in that class!

 KPX & Briggs understand how foundationally important the Junior racers are to the sport, so BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND….FREE entries for selected racers (pea pick) in the Jr classes.  We’ll rotate between Jr. classes to pick five attendees from a group at each race, starting with Junior 1 drivers. At the awards ceremony in Prairie City, KPX officials will present vouchers to the lucky winners, to be used at upcoming KPX races.

 Jeff Sakowicz will be the Race Director at all the venues this season, his energy is contagious. Dan & Don will work to keep things level in tech, Phil Hand will be throwing the flags, along with assisting with calls. Recognizing the need for improvement, KPX has stepped up to partner with Stephanie Anderline in the control tower, she’ll be well-prepared as chief of scoring.

 AN ADDED BONUS……Our wonderful sponsors have stepped up for the first race of the season, awarding $1000 to the winner of the senior Briggs 206 class at Prairie City!!!

 Thank you to ALL of our racers and sponsors that support the KPX Series, you truly make it special

Renewable Electric Inc. Partners with KPX for 2017

RENEWABLE ELECTRIC, INC. our newest member of the family!

It is with great excitement that we announce Renewable Electric Inc, as an event sponsor for the March 18th-19th Super Regional in Redding, and KPX Karting Championhsip six race series for 2017! What’s so very exciting about this partnership? The Fairfield, CA, based-company has been successfully servicing both commercial and residential markets and pioneering cost-effective solar solutions on the West Coast. Clint Motta, CFO for Renewable Electric, is a KPX series racer who loves the sport and the family environment that is fostered by KPX leaders. Motta and company have stepped up in support of local karting families.

Microsoft Word - KPX REI News Release.docx

KPX exists because of caring people like Clint Motta, lending their successful ideas that help foster growth in a sport that he’s passionate about. “Clint’s energy & vision is contagious, we’re thrilled to share the journey together with him, and greatly appreciate the support towards common visions” said Kenny Manchester, KPX Director. With the season so close, your KPX team is working hard to put things in place that will make your experience at the track memorable, for all the right reasons!

Renewable Electric, INC. is headquartered in Fairfield, CA. Servicing the Northern California residential and commercial solar market. Contact their team online @, or call 707-469-3493. CA CSLB # 952601

Kart Project X (KPX) is based in Northern California, established in 2014. Formed & guided by racers, for racers, to promote the growth of grassroots karting at the club level. The group is focused on promoting competitive & affordable motorsports, while maintaining a rules-compliant karting field. Find us on Facebook under “KPX Karting Championship”.

KPX Karting Championship partners with Evinco Tires

Kart Project X

As we near the completion of our 2016 season in Reno, NV on October 16, the directors of the KPX Karting Championship are looking ahead to the growth and prosperity of the series in 2017.  As a result of recent changes in the MG importation and distribution in North America, KPX was faced with a need to evaluate the future of its tire program, but the choice was clear. “We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to the MG tire here in Northern California and moving forward, we wanted to honor that for our racers,” stated KPX President Kenny Manchester.


KPX is pleased to announce the partnership with Evinco tires for the coming seasons, utilizing the Evinco Blue tires, manufactured by MG tires.  When considering all options, KPX focused first on what would be best for the racer.  This will be a seamless transition considering that the Evinco “Blue” is the same compound as the MG “Red”.   The result will allow racers to avoid the learning curve associated with a different compound, knowing full well how their chassis are going to respond going into the new year.

The distribution stays the same, your favorite kart shops will be selling the Evinco Tire, and pricing is locked through the end of 2018.  This is an exciting time for karting in Northern California as KPX and Evinco are focused on uniting the region and growing karting from the club level on up. KPX and Evinco understand that it all starts with grassroots racing.

“I am very excited to see the West Coast unite, as it is something I didn’t think I would see in my lifetime,” added Evinco’s Tom Kutscher. “Yes, I am the tire supplier, but more so I am thrilled to see the clubs working together to grow our sport. I have been waiting a long time to see unity and growth of this nature and I am proud to bring tools to the table to help.”

The first event of the season specifying the Evinco tire will be the KPX Super Regional on March 18-19 in Redding, CA. This event will kick off the 2017 season in a big way and will pull together Briggs 206 racers from up and down the West Coast.  Please look in the future for more details.

KPX would like to thank WR International – Wagner and Luis – for their partnership and support in growing local karting in the 2016 with the MG Tire.

Kart Project X (KPX) is based in Northern California, established in 2014. Formed & guided by racers, for racers, to promote the growth of grassroots karting at the club level. The group is focused on promoting competitive & affordable motorsports, while maintaining a rules-compliant karting field. Find us on Facebook under West Coast Briggs LO206 Racing.

Briggs & Stratton Racing Makes 2016 Even Bigger and Better


Briggs & Stratton Racing goes bigger and better going into the 2016 season of the KPX Karting Championship. B&S Racing has been the backbone not only to the growth of the KPX series, but also grassroots karting in general. When you walk around your local track what do you see? I know what I see! Orange motors everywhere with people buzzing about the classes with the large kart counts…

This LO206 motor package has been the hot topic in the sport. From the veteran racers, to entry level drivers with no mechanical experience, or even the guy who hung his suit up years ago, the LO206 is for anyone with the desire to race.

Briggs & Stratton Racing will be donating $5,100 to be handed out to our racers! How you ask?

Race 1 (Stockton): 20 Junior racers entries paid – $1,300
B&S Pill Pull – $500
Race 2 (Sonoma): 5 Junior racers entries paid – $325
B&S Pill Pull – $500
Race 3 (Davis): 5 Junior racers entries paid – $325
B&S Pill Pull – $500
Race 4 (Fresno): 5 Junior racers entries paid – $325
B&S Pill Pull – $500
Race 5 (Reno): 5 Junior racers entries paid – $325
B&S Pill Pull – $500

*The winners of the free Junior entries will be selected randomly before the end of each event and paid out.
*The Briggs Pill Pull will work similar to last year. Example: The winner of the selected Senior class will pull a number. If there is 10 entries and the winner picks number 4, 4th through 8th will receive $100 each.

Please take the time to thank Briggs & Stratton Racing for their generous donation and efforts to create the best racing environment ever. They have kept in mind the racers pocketbook by manufacturing a bullet proof product to get you on the track for some family fun.

Briggs & Stratton Racing:

Please buy everything Briggs & Stratton for your home needs as well:

ShirtGraphics_Briggs&Stratton3 (4) Official Media Partner of the KPX Karting Championship


We can’t say thank you enough to for all of hard work and dedication they put in to growing the sport of karting. We are really appreciative of the attention they have driven towards grassroots racing. They have featured our growing Lo206 classes and series in multiple articles which has had a huge impact on the growth of the sport. We will keep working with EKN to help grow the KPX Karting Championship, the Lo206 motor package, and mainly the sport. Without them we wouldn’t be able to reach out to the karting community. Thank you guys!

Check them out at

Briggs & Stratton Pill Pull comes to the KPX Karting Championship!

Briggs & Stratton Pill PullAs the 2015 KPX Karting Championship season approaches, we have landed a huge partnership with Briggs & Stratton!

Briggs & Stratton has offered to sponsor the KPX Championship series with $800 per race by implementing the “Briggs & Stratton Pill Pull” program. What does this mean exactly?

*2 Briggs classes will be randomly chosen at the drivers meeting the morning of each race to be recipients of the Briggs & Stratton Pill Pull. At the conclusion of the main, a pill will be drawn that will be based on a finishing position plus the 3 after. Each of those 4 consecutive positions will win $100 cash.

*For example: If there are 17 racers and number 16 is pulled, then 16th, 17th, 1st, and 2nd place would all receive $100.

Briggs motor packages keep gaining momentum by being competitive and affordable, all while helping to grow the sport. Dave Klaus, Director-Briggs & Stratton Racing, and myself have had many conversations about this concept, focusing on keeping the FUN in racing. “I like this system because it doesn’t promote taking someone out for the cash. Everyone has equal odds and someone that has a bad day could go home feeling a lot better,” emphasizes Klaus. We want to put the FUN back into racing!

The growth of this series has been largely due to all of the support that Briggs & Stratton has provided, as well as the racers planning to participate. And in that… We say THANK YOU!

-Kenny Manchester

James Selby announced as driver of the No. 88 Tony Kart from 2015

Kart Project X Logo (H-Res) 2012

November 10, 2014

Philip Pegler Racing is pleased to announce James Selby as driver of the No. 88 KPX Racing Tony Kart from 2015.

Selby, who is currently tied for the championship lead following his second season of racing at Monterey Bay Karters in Marina, has been selected by Kart Project X as the recipient of its Young Driver Award, which includes a fully-sponsored drive in the 2015 KPX Karting Championship. He will also drive the No. 88 Tony Kart in the 2015 MBK Karting Championship.

“I am so happy to offer this opportunity to James. I have heard so many positive things about him from many credible sources and I believe that he is a most deserving recipient of the KPX Young Driver Award. His performance yesterday afternoon in the season finale at Marina was outstanding and he drove three very intelligent races, each with vastly differing circumstances.

“It has been my goal for several years to find a young talent who matches the KPX philosophy and I believe that person is James. I also hope that this will be the first of many opportunities given to young drivers through Kart Project X and I look forward to adding more drivers in the coming years.

“I would like to say that none of this would be possible without the support of the many selfless people in our sport who are clearly driven by a passion for motor racing and an unconditional love for the wider karting community. It is because of them that we are able to go racing and do what we love to do.

– Philip Pegler