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Age Clarification:
IKF says:
A junior driver has the choice to race within their age group, or potentially race Up to the next age-group. The qualifiers are:

1.    A Junior 1 racer may, after reaching Competition Age 10, race up in the junior ll class.

2.    A Junior ll racer may, after reaching Competition Age 15, race up in the senior class.

3.    Once the driver moves up, they cannot compete at the lower class level in National or Regional events.

4.    Masters Class is defined as 35 & older. After reaching an Attained Age of 35, a racer may compete in this class.

WKA says: A driver must reach an Attained Age before being allowed to race in a defined class.

1.    There is an exception to this rule, but only at the local level, Not regional or National races.

a.    A racer MAY petition the WKA track in which they want to race, asking for permission to compete UP to a higher class.

b.    This is required for all participating series tracks that are insured by WKA, and must be done two (2) weeks in advance of the first KPX series race

c.    The petitioned track’s Board of Directors will reach a conclusion & inform the racer of their decision

d.    This petition process is between tracks & racers, and KPX officials have no authority to challenge the decisions of participating tracks.

Attained Age is defined as “the age of the driver on the day of competition”. Competition Age is defined as “the highest age of the driver during the calendar year (Jan 1 through Dec 31)


*The Series will follow club insurance sanctioning body rules procedures (WKA/IKF), with the exception of motor packages, which must comply with the Briggs & Stratton 2015 guidelines. 2015 Briggs & Stratton Engine Rules

  • Briggs & Stratton Pill Pull:
    Two (2) Briggs classes will be randomly chosen at the drivers meeting the morning of each race to be recipients of the Briggs & Stratton Pill Pull. At the conclusion of the main, a pill will be drawn to reward participation! Here’s how it works: If there are 17 racers, and #16 is pulled, then 16th, 17th, 1st, & 2nd place get a C-note! Each of those 4 consecutive positions will win $100 cash!

*at the discretion of KPX

More info to come…

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