Series Information & Rules

1.Drivers Meeting Announcements
2.KPX Supplementary Rules
3.Briggs & Stratton Engine Rules and any updates they release. IAME Engine Specs, Supplementary Rules and any updates they release.
4.International Karting Federation Rules

KPX Supplementary Rules: 
(Starting point for info, rules, classes,  and procedures)
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Pushback Bumper Rules: Click Here


Briggs 206 Rules:
Briggs & Stratton 206 Rules: (updated 1/1/19)
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IAME KA100 Rules:

KA100 Engine Specs
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IAME Supplementary Rules:
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KPX/IAME Rule Clarifications, Additional Supplementary Rules and Tech Procedures: (updated 4/16/18)
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(Rule book can be purchased from IKF or KPX)
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KPX would like to remind racers about one of the key parts of our mission statement which will continue to be one of the founding principles the series is based on; “It is important that our competitors not only feel as though they are able to race in a fair and transparent environment, but that they also have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities on track under rules that guarantee equality and parity of equipment. We will strive to ensure that these fundamental values remain ever-present in our Championship series and look forward to welcoming drivers into our racing family.”

KPX would also like to reaffirm a few points when it comes to tech procedures and rules.  The Briggs & Stratton rules for the 206 engine along with IAME Rules and KPX Supplementary Rules will be strictly enforced and followed. There will be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the rule books.  Racers, mechanics and teams should continue to review and familiarize themselves with these rules. KPX also follows the IKF rule book in other regards. It is advised that all racers have all KPX Related rules in their pit to properly follow all rules and procedures.