Registration is now up for Kpx Round 2: www.kpxregistration.com

Full Race Information for Round 2 can be found at: https://mailchi.mp/c4e660293b86/2018-kpx-race-2-atwater-ca

Briggs has updated a rule regarding the head gasket for the 206 engine:

We continue to improve our KA100 rule set seeing as this is a new program for the West Coast. We have made two changes to better align ourselves with other organizations running the KA100. Please make note of changes under the Spark Plug, Head Gasket and Starter rules. https://kpxracing.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/kpx-iame-ka100-2018-v2.pdf

Full rules including updates can be found at: https://kpxracing.com/kartingchampionship/series-information/


-RULE CHANGE: SR. KA100 CHANGES TO 7.1 REAR TIRE. In talking with several teams and drivers in both our region and others we have made the decision to change the Senior KA100 class rear tire to 7.1 Evinco Blue.  It was determined that running the 6.0 rear tire did not lead to longevity and tire wear that we desired. The 6.0 tires is not designed for the higher horsepower and aggressiveness of the SR. KA100. It was our intention on utilizing the 6.0 tire to make an easier transition back and forth to the 206 package for racers, but the longevity added with going to the 7.1 tire should outweigh any other benefit.  We always keep in mind the budget and user friendly aspect of our series and we feel using the 7.1 rear tire will better achieve this result. This change will go into effect immediately. Jr. 2 KA100 will remain unchanged.


KPX Mission Statement:

The KPX Karting Championship has been established to promote affordable and competitive championship kart racing at the grassroots level. It is our belief that the sport of kart racing should be both accessible and enjoyable and a place where core family values are both fully embraced and exercised. It is important that our competitors not only feel as though they are able to race in a fair and transparent environment, but that they also have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities on track under rules that guarantee equality and parity of equipment. We will strive to ensure that these fundamental values remain ever-present in our Championship series and look forward to welcoming drivers into our racing family.